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Zombie Zombie is a crazy science and music project based in the city of Paris, France and lead by professor Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman (who is also the drummer of Herman Dune, since 2006). They use sound and rhythm to explore the feeling of fear growing deep inside of everyone. Listening to their music is like passing different emotional stages of fear, anger and desperateness. The usage and play with analog effects, which includes an extraordinary variety of instruments like theremins, keyboards or space echo tape delay pedals, meets with provocative drum-parts and screaming voices, which seem to have been taken directly out of your worst nightmare. Pictures of wild chases and haunted houses equally spring to mind, when Zombie Zombie bring their ecstatic performance to the stage. It is pretty obvious that they are inspired by horror movie soundtracks from the likes of George Romero, John Carpenter and Dario Argento, as well as the music of bands like Goblin, Suicide, Raymond Scott, Silver Apples or the Krautrock legends of Can. After their first release on the Parisian record label "Boombomtchak Records only vinyl", their longplaying debut was published on the French electronic music label Versatile, in 2008. Recorded and mixed in their research lab in Paris, producer Antoine Gaillet, who already worked for well-known acts like M83 and Placebo, as well as other French musicians of bands like "Turzi", "Herman Dune" and "Friction" we're involved in creating the frightening piece of art. Since then, they've been blowing up across the UK and Europe, being invited to music festivals and big club shows all over the world. The NME even asked itself, whether they could be the new Jusice! However, after years of touring, for example as support act for the European tour of MGMT, it was time for an inevitable release. "Playing John Carpenter" is the ultimate tribute to the work of a director, whose works both of them admire. The re-interpretations can and should be enjoyed on the record itself, but they are already well-known for an incredible performance on stage, as well.