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Something is looming on the horizon, a flickering presence, a sparkle in the twilight, hardly visible at first, then slowly taking shape and finally coming into view: “I will depart/I see, I will, I won’t go far,” Stefanie Boehm (Couch) sings on “Sirens”, one of 10 tracks Ms. John Soda have recorded for “Loom”, their first album in eight years – and it’s true: It’s a return that often feels like yet another departure, like it’s time to say farewell once again, one last hug and off it goes into the valley, where life is already waiting.

The album title Ms. John Soda have chosen for their third full-lenght, "Loom", obviously hints at this feeling of re-emergence, gathering and looming, but according to the singer, it also refers to a weaving loom: It´s about “weaving and combining a vast number of influences, ideas, instruments, melodies, rhythms, and layers to create a whole,” says Boehm, whose vocals span these new tracks like thick, reliable ropes that glow with marine luminescence. “It’s about weaving individuals (‘Millions’), weaving and merging former ideals and hopes with reality (‘The Light’), combining ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, beginning and end (‘Hi Fool’), interweaving such as opposite or contradicting concepts, pushing forward vs. being pushed (‘In My Arms’).” And while the weaving, just like life itself, can easily get out of hands, “because you lose track, and yet life goes on (‘Name It’),“ a lot of these songs – e.g. “Hero Whales”, the billowing “Sodawaltz”, “Fall Away” – revolve around a shimmering sense of something we can’t quite grasp or put a finger on just yet: “Intuitions, hopes, dreams, wishes, affinities, distances, temptations…”

Whereas Cico Beck aka Joasihno (drums, electronics), also part of Aloa Input and the latest addition to Ms. John Soda’s live band, and drummer Thomas Geltinger helped out on various tracks they recorded with Oliver Zülch in Weilheim, Boehm and Acher were also joined by Jeffrey Logan aka Jel, Karl-Ivar Refseth (percussions) and Matthias Götz (trombone). Together, they keep feeding the loom with countless spools of yarn, until epic piano closer “Fall Away” seems to offer a temporary respite: “find your way/take the dry suit off/for a night”. Time to rest, to take a deep breath. Or is it already the first rays of dawn looming on the horizon?