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Frog Eyes from Victoria, Vancouver Island are a Post-Punk/Post-Rock collective surrounding singer and guitarist Carey Mercer as well as his spouse and drummer Melanie Campbell. The Canadian band seems to be only bound to its own world, especially when it comes to Carey Mercer with his extravagant lyrics and his distinctive voice, sounding like a wild mixture of Bowie and Beefheart. Their sound is strong, but not because of heavy riffs and powerful drums. Their energy is rooted in quirly layers, in an incessant, whirring flow, in an intensity which doesn't want to be restrained when it comes to voice, instruments and arrangements. Exertion and unpredictability are prefered to any kind of arbitrariness. Responsible for this is not only Mercer, but the band he has gathered around himself. His wife Melanie Campbell for example, who has been there from the beginning and created a very special way of playing drums, enforcing the voice, letting it jump and move. However, since their last release "Tears Of The Valediction" in 2007, the band line-up has changed a lot. Even though Spencer Krug, Mccloud Zicmuse and Michael Rak have left the band, Frog Eyes soon got a suitable replacement for them when Ryan Beattie and Megan Boddy joined the group. On their Spring 2010 album "Paul's Tomb: A Triumph" which has been released via Dead Oceans, the majestic shredding between Mercer and Ryan Beattie recalls everything from Neil Young/Danny Whitten's work on early Young recordings to Tom Verlaine and even, occasionally, Hendrix. The synths weave in and out of this buzzing wall of sound, and new Frog Eyes member Megan Boddy's sweet backing vocals are a kind foil for Mercer's wail. The rawness and punk rock spirit delivered on their new record is grounded in an approach of recording many of the vocals live off the floor. It is an album with weight. It's wrapped in a gauze of fuzz, but a fuzz that's neither yesteryear nor painfully now. Frog eyes are an extraordinarily good live band which loves to tour, the encounter with the audience and of course, the irretrievable moment of the show.