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Founded somewhere in the offshoots of the East Berlinian punkscene, Tarwater exist since 1995 and can look back at a remarkable history. Since then, the duo consisting of Bernd Jestram and Ronald Lippok (To Rococo Rot) has released more than ten studio records and a considerable amout of collaborations with artists like Piano Magic, Tuxedomoon and B.Fleischmann. Their weavy soundscapes did not only serve as intonation for countless film- and theatre projects but have also been presented at international shows and tours all over the world (among others in Japan, South America, USA and all Europe). On their upcoming record 'Inside The Ships', which is going to be released in September on Bureau B, the electronic duo is driving its diveristy once more to the top by generating a creative distance to genre-alikes. The total work of art, which was originally planned as kind of a Space Opera, indeed transferres future-oriented concepts but goes far beyond the idea of a conceptual record. It inherits a special 'otherness' created by an uncommon use of brass elements and instruments far away from the usual pop-context - for example the cimbalom. Moreover, 'Inside the Ships' contains the first German song in the history of the band. On 'Sato Sato', a 'Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft' text from 1981 is transformed in such a way that it rather sounds like another instrument in use than part of a cover version. The same can be applied for 'Do the Oz' by John Lennon and Joko Ono. However, the melting of different art forms, for example between film and theatre as well as within the working field of a composer does not end here. 'Inside the Ships' served as a model for the short film 'The eagle is gone' (Mario Mentrup, Volker Sattel) which takes place at Berlin Alexanderplatz and whose black and white aesthetic merges perfectly with the new Tarwater output. Finally, with the release of the record this autumn we can also look forward to more of Tarwater's priceless live shows!