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13&God13 & God

The transcontinental Supergroup of The NOTWIST and THEMSELVES

13&God were founded in 2004, when Themselves (Adam Doesone Drucker, Jeffrey Jel Logan, Dax Pierson, Jordan Dalrymple) and The Notwist (Markus and Micha Acher, Martin Gretschmann) met under adventurous circumstances. According to the legend, the idea for this very special project was established on a highway close to the Canadian border. A burning notebook and a stuffed fox are considered to play an important role at that. In the music of this transcontinental supergroup, experience meets curiosity, candidness is paired with skills. The Notwist's handwriting, undoubtedly a blueprint for experimental indie pop, is unmistakable. Nor is the music of Anticon's Themselves. Not to mention the fact that these very unequal musicians never stop letting "themselves" be surprised by their own creativity and of course the one of their colleagues. Markus Acher, the voice of the Notwist, sings songs like balsam for the soul, searching for consolation and absolution in pop music. Songs that seem to cover topics like lonelyness and being lost, even though the lyrics might say something completely different. Songs, subsuming our fears and doubts into clear and beautiful harmonies. But when Themselves grab the mics, everything changes. Suddenly, there's not only this popsong anymore, but Hip Hop at its truest nature. Hip Hop, however with a spin into popmusic, but far away from the mainstream rap of these days. About six years after releasing their self-titled, highly acclaimed debut LP in 2005, they gave birth to their long-awaited sophomore album "Own Your Ghost" in May 2011 via Alien Transistor and Anticon. The listener of this incomparable record enters a musical alternating bath with unknown ending. Everything suddenly seems possible: extremely sad, entrancing indie-hymns. Pin sharp, rolling raps of Doseone, whose lightly nasal voice sometimes reminds of Tricky. Over-chilled grooves. Krautrock, banned on tracks. Melancholy, easiness…