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EfterklangTeho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld

This is a quite unique collaboration, an unexpected one between the italian composer and sound designer Teho Teardo and Berlin`s Blixa Bargeld, leader of Einstürzende Neubauten and former known as guitar player from "Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds". They first met 2009 during the realization of "Ingiuria", a theatre pièce and right after that they collaborated on a song for the soundtrack, "A Quiet Life". That song started the whole process of writing and producing the album "Still Smiling" (Specula) together where songs and more experimental pieces could find a common ground. The original use of strings: cello, violin, guitars, a full string quartet diverts the traditional perception of those classic instruments when they deal with electronics and the result is emotionally moving. The album has been written and recorded between Berlin and Rome, it took nearly two years to be made, Teho and Blixa worked next to each other choosing carefully every sound, every word and silence.There are 12 songs on Still Smiling, including a new version of "A Quiet Life" and a cover of "Alone With The Moon" by "The Tiger Lilies". Amongst collaborators there are The Balanescu Quartet and cellist Martina Bertoni.Lyrics are visionary and are sung in english, german and italian, Blixa reveals a really personal and intimate side to the listener this time. "Still Smiling" is an album whose special vision covers all the sky between Rome and Berlin, daytime and nocturnal.

Photo: Rabsch