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Dean BluntDean Blunt

Dean Blunt, aka Hype Williams, is a London-based musician who produced serveral releases in the past, in collaboration with Inga Copeland. His first solo album "The Narcissist II" was released in December 2012 and is considered as experimental debut. In June 2013 on Hippos in Tanks, he presented his second LP "The Redeemer" on Hippos in Tanks. It is multifaceted and unconventional like Dean Blunt himself while he handles the media and public in his own way. Musically, it is difficult to classify. It ranges from psychedelia to orchestral sonatas, interludes, soundpieces of various kinds, and even extend AM recordings. Considered as a whole, you could say that on "The Redeemer" a relationship between two people is represented, as indicated by the combination of female vocals with Blunt's haunting voice and classical singing. A successful production, which also appears as a kind of play. All strings, harps, trumpets, guitars and real samples create their own romance. It is accessible as it is remarkable and absolutely timeless in construction, with songs that do not reqiure ordinary structure. A unique artist, far from mainstream.